Registration fees and dates

  • The registration period will work from October 18th until December 30th, 2018.
  • The registrations fees are the following:
TLBV 27Km15€
Affiliated to AARAM: 13,50€
TCBV 10Km10€
Affiliated to AARAM: 9,00€
  • Until the registration deadline, its permitted to change race, subjected to availability.
  • In case of upgrading the race, the remaining amount must be paid. In case of a downgrade, no refund is issued.
  • After closing registrations, no changes are permitted.

Services and materials included in the registration

  • Personal and civil Insurance
  • Personalised bib, including chip tag.
  • Official race shirt.
  • Solid and liquid supplies, while racing at the designated areas.
  • First aids, at the finish line
  • Transportation back to the finish line, in case of quitting or disqualified.
  • Warm meal (soup), at Casa do Povo da Boa Ventura.
  • Showers, At the football stadium and sports center.